Floral Indian trend…


hey guys…!! Happy Mahashivratri to everyone out there..

may lord Shiva bless u with all the luck and happiness

OK now coming to the blog today i would like to write about the floral trend that is now on the platforms.

both men and women can look surprisingly gracious and subtle at the same tym having the correct floral print on their dresses.


For the beautiful women out there..here are some tips on how to carry floral according to their body shape

For slimmer body

best suited floral print would be the larger ones…

images (3).jpg


Ok this is just an example of what kinda print can suit u the best…but as the slimmer body is an asset that every women wants that kinda shape can go with any print keeping in mind the height whether you are tall or short

if you are tall u can go with beautiful maxi dresses or short dress like jumper dress or an I-shoulder dress in floral print and for the middle aged ladies out there u can also go for beautiful chiffon floral print sarees.

and as for the short heighted but slimmer women beautiful short dresses for example a jumper dress would be the best option

For curvy body structure

for the curvy structures i feel smaller prints are best suited as i fell it makes them a lill compact and more in shape

download (3)

ok now as for tall ladies in this category should go for long maxi dress but with smaller prints even the short jumper dresses or jump suits would accentuate ur curves

but for shorter women u should never go for long floor length dresses as i would make u look more stout..short heighted dresses and kurtis in smaller prints would be best suited for u


Now the florals are not only restricted to women even men can carry it in a wonderful surprisng way

slimmer look

for tall and slim attire men can look for beautiful floral Β prints in formals in-formals as well as traditional wear and even for short heighted men florals can actually look amazingly amazing on them but i would actually suggested stouty men not to go for florals as it would eventually end up lookin horrible on them and even if they want to go for smthng in floral they should think of smaller prints

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